How to Set Standards

I guess most of my boyfriends, and my London escorts dates, would call me bloody-minded. However, I think that I only have higher standards than other people. I set myself high standards, and out of all of the escorts at our charlotte action escorts agency, I think that I am the one who provides gents with the best service. Unlike the other girls, I provide both an incall and outcall service and I do longer dates as well. 


When it comes to my own personal life, I think that high standards are just as important. It does not matter if I am decorating my flat or my Christmas tree, I want everything that I do to be perfect. My love for perfection is what got me involved with London escorts in the first place. I met the owner of the London escorts in a club that I used to work here in London. Before I knew it, he had asked me to join his London escorts agency.  


My boss thought that I was doing a really good job of looking after the clients in the club. He was looking to recruit new girls for his elite London escorts agency and he thought that I fitted the bill. Instead of hanging around and wait for something else to snap me up, he asked me to join. I was not sure that working for London escorts was the right job for me, but eventually, I realised that I could put my own mark on the role, so I joined London escorts. 


So far, I have been delighted with my decision. I don’t regret having joined London escorts at all. It is totally different from working in the club, but I must admit that I love it. As I love to look after myself, I know that I have quickly become one of the hottest girls at the escort agency that I work for in London. I know my gentlemen very well and try to do my best to give them a very personal experience with a lot of detail to attention. When you work for an elite London escorts agency that makes a lot of difference.  


What would I do if it was not for London escorts? I have been thinking about this a lot, and I am not sure what I would do. As I love perfection so much, I think that I would like to have been a designer or something like that. I love to decorate and I often spend hours decorating my flat or helping other London escorts to decorate theirs. The other thing that I would like to do is to run a bed and breakfast. Of course, with my London escorts experience, it would have to be a bed and breakfast service with a difference, but I have a feeling that my guests would rather enjoy it.  

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Becoming London Escorts

Like all other Polish girls who come to London, I have had a great deal many different jobs. When I first arrived in London, I had all of these dreams of becoming a model. They were quickly dashed when I realised how expensive it was to live in London. I ended up sharing a flat with six other girls from Poland. One of the girls worked for a charlotte action escorts service and she had done well. Working for London escorts had helped her to save a lot of money, and she was just about to buy a flat in London.

Polish girls are rather ambitious and just like my girlfriend I wanted to do well. One night when the rest of the girls were out, I sat down and talked to her about London escorts. It sounded okay and from what I could tell, working for London escorts was a legit job. This girl paid both taxes and National Insurance contributions. Sure, I was not going to give up my cleaning job immediately but I was certainly ready to try something new.

About a week later, I found myself working for a London escorts agency on a part-time basis. The girls at the charlotte action escorts seemed to be very nice. Many of them were Polish or came from places like Hungary. It turned out that many men in London like to date foreign escorts in London. I was soon going out on my first couple of dates, and really enjoying it. One thing was for sure, I was certainly earning a lot more than I did cleaning in London.

Two weeks later I chucked in my cleaning job and started to work full-time for London escorts. It was hard to work nights to start with but I soon got used to it. The men I dated seemed to enjoy my company but some of them were a bit pushy at times. They wanted to do this and that, but I learned how to control the situation. Now I have been with London escorts for three years and been able to save a lot of money. Just like my friend, I am aiming to buy a flat in London.

I am sure I have done the right thing by joining a London escorts service. Despite the Brexit crisis, girls from Poland are still coming to London. Many of them would like to become elite London escorts, That simply does not happen overnight. But, if you work hard at, you can do very well when you work for a London escorts service. I do look forward to going into work every night. Believe it or not, I have even travelled. Some of the gents I date have invited me to travel with them. Just one of the many perks you can enjoy when you work for a London escorts service.

Sex has it ever been sacred?

My mom has a slightly different opinion when it comes to the history of sex than I do. She seems to think that sex was always a much more romantic experience that it is today, and that it was all about love. Is she right? We may think that sex was something sacred that only went only after we had exchanged rings at the altar but that is not true. Most people had sex before they got married. I am sure if I were to ask the guys I date at London escorts they would say that they had sex before marriage. And yes, many of the men I date at London escorts are older than me. Sex is one of those things most of us enjoy. But I guess in the last few years, sex has become more a recreational activity.

Just take a little look at London, and you will find that there are more London escorts agencies and adult services than ever before. A couple of the girls at the London escorts that I work for are into swinging, and they go to parties most weekends.

I am not sure that I would be able to handle that and work at London escorts at the same time.If you enjoy adult activities, you can also attend sex parties in London. But don’t think that sex parties are something new to London. When I first joined London escorts I used to think that all of these things were something new, but they have in fact been around for ages. In the Swinging 60’s private sex parties in London were really in, and some of the top celebs at the time hosted them. These days, sex parties are run by commercial organisations and companies actually profit from them.

I have been busy at London escorts, but I have been meaning to go to a sex party just to check them out if you know what I mean. Before Soho became the main Red Light district in London, the red light area in London used to be located in east London. Now people also go online to find the best girls in London. The world has just gotten smaller due to technology.

This is where all of the sailors used to meet up with their girls and have a good time. Now this was at least 100 years ago, and it just goes to show that sex has never been something very sacred. Today Soho is more popular than ever, and to advertise the activities which go on in Soho, there is a website and radio station. Visiting gents often like to arrange dates with London escorts and go for what they call a “ pub crawl” around Soho. It is not really a traditional pub crawl. Maybe we should start to think about the future of sex. What are we going to see in the future?

A company in Barcelona in Spain are now producing robotic sex dolls. Is that the future of sex? You can set up your own sex robot franchise if you have got enough money. There is nothing sacred about that, and I don’t think that it sounds that exciting neither. However, I am sure that it will appeal to at least a few of the gents who like to date London escorts. I keep wondering though – are these robotic dolls warm and cuddly?

Create Your Own Porn Movie

Have you ever thought about making your own porn movie? A couple of my friends and myself at London escorts would like to make our own porn movie. It will be a girl-on-girl porn movie and I think that it could be great fun. But of course, like my friends at London escorts say, there are a couple of must haves that you need to create your own porn movie. First of all, you need a good camera man or woman.

The other thing that you need to make to have is a good story line. None of the girls here at cheap escorts have any clue about how to write a movie script, so we may have to get somebody to do that for us. Personally, I would like the script to be more sensual than sexy as I would like to show us local affordable escorts in a slightly different light. I think that we are often misunderstood and it would be nice to show that we are really about.

Actually, there is a long list of things that you need. You also need somewhere to film the movie. My  cheap London escorts boudoir is rather nice so that we could use that. Of course, we would have to accommodate four London escorts and a film crew, so thing may have to be re-arranged at list a little bit when I think of it. Still, it can be done, and it is just a matter of getting yourself organized and creating a list of all of the things that you need to have.

Lighting is vital as well. One of the girls that I work with at London escorts is really good at that sort of thing. Before she joined London escorts, she used to work as an adult model and learned a lot about lighting. I think that her experience can benefit us a lot and it could be good to have her around to give advice on angles and stuff as well. Naturally, we would like to be shown off in the best light and at the best angle as well. After all, we don’t want to be shot from the wrong side.

We all need somebody who knows how to set the scene. I would love my place to look as attractive as possible, but I don’t have a clue how to do that. But, I feel pretty sure that we have a girl at London escorts who can help us with that. One of the girls who works on reception is a very good artist and loves to photograph. I am sure that she will be able to help. Her artwork is really great and she always puts together such beautiful scenarios for her art and her photos. It could be that we are are onto a good little business here and I am sure that there are many gents who would appreciate a movie made by affordable escorts. Yes, that is right, we might just need a marketing expert as well.

Getting Organized

I have only recently joined Dartford escorts and I have to say that it is taking me some time to get organized. First of all, it was the move. It is actually really stressful to move and I must admit that it took it out of me. I love my new flat, and I saved tons of money by selling my flat in London, but it was hard work to move here. I did not realize how much stuff I had and I did have to spend a couple of weekends at local car boot sales to get rid off stuff.

the dartford escorts sexy ladies
the dartford escorts sexy ladies

Not only did I have to clear out my own apartment but I had to clear out my boudoir as well. To be honest, I had tons of personal stuff in my boudoir as well and it took me ages to get it all packed up. Most of it was rather new so none of it was really ready to go to a car boot sale. Instead I decided to move it all to my new boudoir here at Dartford escorts. It is not only the packing and the moving that does your head in, it is the unpackaging as well. It took me ages to pack up again and find a place to put it all.

A lot of the girls at Dartford escorts think that I am a bit of a hoarder. Without realizing it, I think that I am have become a bit of hoarder and that I love to collect stuff. Books is my passion and I have tons of books. There is no way that I could bear to part with my books so I have kept all of them. My apartment here in Dartford is a bit bigger than my London apartment so I have ordered a couple of new book cases. At the moment everything is in boxes, but once I get my new bookcase, I intend to pack the books up and get them organized.

I am trying to be a little better and not buy so much stuff. The only problem is that I love shopping, and the move has inspired me to shop even more. A couple of the other girl at Dartford escorts are shopping fanatics as well, and of course they like to show me around. I was not expecting to find so many great stores here in Dartford but this could easily be my new shopping paradise.

I ready somewhere that a lot of escorts are shopping fanatics and Dartford escorts are not any different. The girls are not sure why they like to shop so much but the truth is probably that they can afford to. The banks offer such low interest rates that there is no point in sitting on your money. I would have to say that I would love to stop shopping but I don’t think I will be able to. Having a new home means that I need to decorate it, so that is another good excuse to shop some more.

Dating in London

Dating in London

I have moved to London recently, and as opposed to flying out up to London constantly, I might want to date London escorts like the girls from In my past I have dated both London and North London young ladies so I do have past experience of dating escorts. Basically I lean toward dating first class escorts, however I am not entirely certain there are any tip top escorts offices here in London. I am searching for a considerably more refined experience, not only a tarty young lady who comes around for a speedy outcall. I am certain that there are gents who date in the range, and it would be extraordinary with some counsel. Stephen

Mike: Don’t stresses there is a few first class London escorts and I am certain that you will be charmed when you meet the young ladies. Point of fact, a number of the young ladies who date here in London is previous focal London young ladies, so I realize that you won’t be disillusioned. The greater part of the escorts organizations that I use here in London are of an exclusive requirement. You will locate an extraordinary choice of wild blondes, attractive brunettes and some shocking redheads. The redheads are a bit hard to come by yet they are unquestionably out there.

Ken: This is an incredible site, would it say it isn’t? I date around a lot and I don’t generally utilize the same London escorts office. A large portion of the gents are settled on one territory and just date young ladies from a certain organization. I have found that variety is the key and I date loads of diverse escorts. To be reasonable to the young ladies I don’t generally mind on the off chance that they are blonde, brunette or redheads – I cherish every one of them. All that I think about is that they are backing hot ladies who like to demonstrate a decent time in the right sort of way.

Luke: I have been dating London escorts throughout the previous five years and I think the administration which the young ladies give is super. More often than not I utilize the outcall benefit on a Friday and Saturday night. In calls are incredible yet I like to relax at home after my dates. The majority of the young ladies in the range are dazzling however I think there is one office specifically that emerges. The young ladies from this organization have never disappointed me and every last date has been an exceptional ordeal. I am certain you will appreciate dating in London.

Should you generally date utilizing the same escorts, or London escorts office? It could be a smart thought to change between diverse offices as a large portion of the young ladies that date through the organizations are exceptional. You will find that each young lady has her own concept of what a date ought to include, and that is the thing that makes it so unique to most gents. Then again, there is a school of suspected that says building up your consistent young ladies is a smart thought also. You might for case be into petites, and all things considered it would be decent to have a few regulars.

North London escorts

North London escorts

If you want an opinion about escorts services, you should ask a serial dater. There are quite a few serial daters in London like, and we asked a couple of them to check out North London escorts. A lot of gents around town are new to dating North London escorts, and it is always good to get a bit of review.

There are now many new escorts services within London. In the last few months new North London escorts agencies have opened as well, and so far so good. It sounds like both of the new North London escorts agencies are doing well, and have been able to recruit quite a few North London escorts.

The Better Sex Guide sent a long two of London’s biggest daters of escorts to check the agencies out.

Northern London Babes

North London Escorts
Lovely North London Escorts

Norther London Babes was the first agency that opened up. This agency caters for cheaper escort services, and most of the ladies who work for the agency only do outcalls. The agency seems to have a lot of escorts but there has been a teething problems with front desk staff.

The owner of the agency had never been involved in the escorts business before, and has not trained the front desk girls very well. When I phoned the agency, I soon noticed that the front desk staff had very few details and did at times not even seem aware of the duty rooster. I asked to date a brunette with an D cup but I was soon told that the agency did not carry intimate details like that. They did have brunettes available, the girl I spoke to could not tell me what chest size they were.

This is pretty much standard information at all agencies, and the front desk girls should have it available. I did feel a bout sorry for the girl I spoke to but I said I did need to see a D cup lady. The staff was very polite but I think this agency is in need of a madame.

North London Elites

North London Elites is an up market agency. They only have twelve girls but it seems to be a very slick service. I phoned up and asked for a hot blonde with large boobs, and the girl on the phoned politely explained the availability. She even offered to email me pics, and recommended the web site. I was very impressed by her professional touch, and went ahead with a date. The young lady I had requested met me at her door at 20 minutes notice. She was nice and fresh, and she was also dressed very nicely.

She was a genuine English Rose and invited me in for a shower and a glass of bubbly. The service she gave was second to none, and I would certainly recommend this agency and escort to all my friends. Everything ran as clock work and I even got a call asking if I had enjoyed my time with Anita. I said yes, and booked again.

4 Reasons Why Watching Porn Movies Can Help Your Relationships

4 Reasons Why Watching Porn Movies Can Help Your Relationships

Some people believe that porn can not only damage the psyches, but a monogamous relationship as well. But with no scientific proof behind this concept, those claims have no grounds. In reality, many professional relationship counselors tell couples that watching porn movies together can actually benefit the relationship as a whole and not just the sexual aspects of it, here are 4 reasons why.

1) Gain More Insight Into You And Your Partner’s Suppressed Fantasies

Many people feel embarrassed or afraid of sharing their innermost sexual fantasies with their spouse. But by watching porn movies together, you and your spouse will see other people acting out those fantasies and it will essentially make you and your partner more comfortable about discussing and acting out those fantasies, which equates to a better sex life.

2) Less Time On Foreplay

The process of getting your partner all revved up, or foreplay is by all means a positive thing. But when you have a busy life or have to continuously tend to the needs of your children, many coupes simply do not have enough time for foreplay. By watching porn, both you and your printer will already be in an aroused frame of mind as opposed to spending a large amount of time getting to that point, you will already be there.

3) Reduced Level Of Temptation

Being with someone else doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically stop being attracted to someone outside of the relationship. Sometimes that attraction eventually turns to fantasies and that individual may engage in a sexual relationship outside of their monogamous relationship. By watching porn movies, and allowing your partner to masturbate to it while you are there with them, not only will they be able to live out their fantasies in their minds, the image of your spouse laying on the bed pleasuring themselves will in turn, turn you on as well.

4) Creative Ideas For The Bedroom

Less face it, no matter how much you love someone, lust eventually fades and that level of intimacy that you initially had when you first met, ultimately declines. One of the contributing factors to a lower level of intimacy is repetition. Many couples get into the habit of repetition when it comes to their sex life. But by watching porn movies together, you can include a few different sex positions into your sex life. You’d be amazed at how certain sex positions, significantly increases the pleasure you receive during the whole act.