How to Set Standards

I guess most of my boyfriends, and my London escorts dates, would call me bloody-minded. However, I think that I only have higher standards than other people. I set myself high standards, and out of all of the escorts at our charlotte action escorts agency, I think that I am the one who provides gents with the best service. Unlike the other girls, I provide both an incall and outcall service and I do longer dates as well. 


When it comes to my own personal life, I think that high standards are just as important. It does not matter if I am decorating my flat or my Christmas tree, I want everything that I do to be perfect. My love for perfection is what got me involved with London escorts in the first place. I met the owner of the London escorts in a club that I used to work here in London. Before I knew it, he had asked me to join his London escorts agency.  


My boss thought that I was doing a really good job of looking after the clients in the club. He was looking to recruit new girls for his elite London escorts agency and he thought that I fitted the bill. Instead of hanging around and wait for something else to snap me up, he asked me to join. I was not sure that working for London escorts was the right job for me, but eventually, I realised that I could put my own mark on the role, so I joined London escorts. 


So far, I have been delighted with my decision. I don’t regret having joined London escorts at all. It is totally different from working in the club, but I must admit that I love it. As I love to look after myself, I know that I have quickly become one of the hottest girls at the escort agency that I work for in London. I know my gentlemen very well and try to do my best to give them a very personal experience with a lot of detail to attention. When you work for an elite London escorts agency that makes a lot of difference.  


What would I do if it was not for London escorts? I have been thinking about this a lot, and I am not sure what I would do. As I love perfection so much, I think that I would like to have been a designer or something like that. I love to decorate and I often spend hours decorating my flat or helping other London escorts to decorate theirs. The other thing that I would like to do is to run a bed and breakfast. Of course, with my London escorts experience, it would have to be a bed and breakfast service with a difference, but I have a feeling that my guests would rather enjoy it.  

If you want to see the most exquisite women who have the best standards you should check out the best escorts in the city.

Sex has it ever been sacred?

My mom has a slightly different opinion when it comes to the history of sex than I do. She seems to think that sex was always a much more romantic experience that it is today, and that it was all about love. Is she right? We may think that sex was something sacred that only went only after we had exchanged rings at the altar but that is not true. Most people had sex before they got married. I am sure if I were to ask the guys I date at London escorts they would say that they had sex before marriage. And yes, many of the men I date at London escorts are older than me. Sex is one of those things most of us enjoy. But I guess in the last few years, sex has become more a recreational activity.

Just take a little look at London, and you will find that there are more London escorts agencies and adult services than ever before. A couple of the girls at the London escorts that I work for are into swinging, and they go to parties most weekends.

I am not sure that I would be able to handle that and work at London escorts at the same time.If you enjoy adult activities, you can also attend sex parties in London. But don’t think that sex parties are something new to London. When I first joined London escorts I used to think that all of these things were something new, but they have in fact been around for ages. In the Swinging 60’s private sex parties in London were really in, and some of the top celebs at the time hosted them. These days, sex parties are run by commercial organisations and companies actually profit from them.

I have been busy at London escorts, but I have been meaning to go to a sex party just to check them out if you know what I mean. Before Soho became the main Red Light district in London, the red light area in London used to be located in east London. Now people also go online to find the best girls in London. The world has just gotten smaller due to technology.

This is where all of the sailors used to meet up with their girls and have a good time. Now this was at least 100 years ago, and it just goes to show that sex has never been something very sacred. Today Soho is more popular than ever, and to advertise the activities which go on in Soho, there is a website and radio station. Visiting gents often like to arrange dates with London escorts and go for what they call a “ pub crawl” around Soho. It is not really a traditional pub crawl. Maybe we should start to think about the future of sex. What are we going to see in the future?

A company in Barcelona in Spain are now producing robotic sex dolls. Is that the future of sex? You can set up your own sex robot franchise if you have got enough money. There is nothing sacred about that, and I don’t think that it sounds that exciting neither. However, I am sure that it will appeal to at least a few of the gents who like to date London escorts. I keep wondering though – are these robotic dolls warm and cuddly?

He is just naughty all of the time!

My boyfriend is a serial cheater, and I should really be kicking him out. Recently he has become a bit of an embarrassment to me, and even my best friends at London escorts, tell me I should be dumping him. But despite the advice from my friends at London escorts, I keep taking this guy back. I know that I am being a fool to myself but I cannot help it, I am just really in love with this guy.

Why does he cheat? I am not sure why he cheats really as he keeps coming up with a new excuse every time. When I stop and think about it, he really does not have an excuse at all. I know lots of guys who would like to go out with a girl from a London escorts service, and he really should be counting his lucky stars. It is not like I am an ugly girl or anything like that. If I was not anything special to look at, I would not be working for London escorts.

Do I get angry? I do get angry with him, and at the same time, I get angry with myself. Like my charlotte escorts friends say, I should really drop this guy, but how do you do that when you are madly in love with someone. I don’t really have the personal strength to drop this guy, and on top of that, I enjoy his company. Not all London escorts are lucky enough to have boyfriends and I sort of count myself lucky. Perhaps I should not be doing that.

When I am at London escorts, I often stop and think about what my boyfriend gets up to. I know that working nights for London escorts, often puts a spanner in the works for us, and I guess that he feels lonely at night. We don’t live together, so I think that he ends up sitting in the apartment he shares with his mates, and misses some female company. After all, there is only so much fun you can have with your mates, and I am pretty sure that he would rather be doing something else than drink beer, or go to the pub every night.

Do we have a future? I am not sure that we have a long term future. The girls here at London escorts actually think I am a little bit mad for going out with him. Yes, I know and I even pay for everything when we go out as he does not earn a lot. One of my friends has told me that I should drop him to get some self respect back. It is easy to say but harder to do. I guess if I met someone else who was as great in bed as my boyfriend, I would trade him in for another model. But until then, he will have to do as boyfriend, or should we say, booty call. Nothing in life is perfect, and I can certainly not say that I am perfect.

Create Your Own Porn Movie

Have you ever thought about making your own porn movie? A couple of my friends and myself at London escorts would like to make our own porn movie. It will be a girl-on-girl porn movie and I think that it could be great fun. But of course, like my friends at London escorts say, there are a couple of must haves that you need to create your own porn movie. First of all, you need a good camera man or woman.

The other thing that you need to make to have is a good story line. None of the girls here at cheap escorts have any clue about how to write a movie script, so we may have to get somebody to do that for us. Personally, I would like the script to be more sensual than sexy as I would like to show us local affordable escorts in a slightly different light. I think that we are often misunderstood and it would be nice to show that we are really about.

Actually, there is a long list of things that you need. You also need somewhere to film the movie. My  cheap London escorts boudoir is rather nice so that we could use that. Of course, we would have to accommodate four London escorts and a film crew, so thing may have to be re-arranged at list a little bit when I think of it. Still, it can be done, and it is just a matter of getting yourself organized and creating a list of all of the things that you need to have.

Lighting is vital as well. One of the girls that I work with at London escorts is really good at that sort of thing. Before she joined London escorts, she used to work as an adult model and learned a lot about lighting. I think that her experience can benefit us a lot and it could be good to have her around to give advice on angles and stuff as well. Naturally, we would like to be shown off in the best light and at the best angle as well. After all, we don’t want to be shot from the wrong side.

We all need somebody who knows how to set the scene. I would love my place to look as attractive as possible, but I don’t have a clue how to do that. But, I feel pretty sure that we have a girl at London escorts who can help us with that. One of the girls who works on reception is a very good artist and loves to photograph. I am sure that she will be able to help. Her artwork is really great and she always puts together such beautiful scenarios for her art and her photos. It could be that we are are onto a good little business here and I am sure that there are many gents who would appreciate a movie made by affordable escorts. Yes, that is right, we might just need a marketing expert as well.

The different kind of sexy services by Richmond escorts

What are the different kind of sexy services by Richmond escorts? If you can know about the services, you will have an idea on what you must do whenever you are providing these services. Through this, you will always be certain that you would need during your choice even as you do need them. Those who have tried it have been able to make their choices right. Here are the different kind of sexy services by Richmond escorts:

1. Sexual pleasure from the Richmond escorts

For those men who need sex services, they will get them from the escort who provide them. They have been in the industry for a long-term to enable them develop skills that would enable them provide these excellent skills. You will definitely be certain that you would enjoy the kind of services that will match your needs even as you do acquire them. You will definitely be certain that you would be certain of the sexual pleasure services they need.

Richmond Escorts are rich of beauties
Richmond Escorts are rich of beauties

Depending on the different kind of sexy services by Richmond escorts, you should ensure that you do your research well before making your decision depending on what you would need during the good times you will have these escorts. This means you will always have your time whenever you need these sexual services with the Richmond escorts.

2. Company during your tour in the city

When visiting the city and you have no idea on what you should do, you will definitely be sure that you would enjoy yourself even as you do make yourself easily through the process. You will definitely be certain that you would enjoy different kind of sexy services by Richmond escorts. This has made them among the best options that you can ever have whenever you need these options within the market. You will also have a good time during your time even as you do enjoy yourself during the process.

3. Enjoy quality time together

With the different kind of sexy services offered by Richmond escorts, you will be certain that you would have excellent time whenever you need have great times. Those who have tried it have always been satisfied by the type of work that they would offer you whenever you do hire them depending on the city where you would like to visit during your time together. You will definitely be certain that you would have great times during the process.

4. Learn about the Richmond city

The escorts have been living in the city for many years thus making them among those whom you can hire whenever you need their services. This means you will acquire them even as you do enjoy the kind of services that they will provide you once you do hire them. Those who have hired them have always been satisfied with the services offered by these escorts.

These are some of the different kind of sexy services by Richmond escorts that you can hire whenever you need to have great times during your stay in the city as your preferred residence.

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I love dating black escorts

I spent part of my childhood in Jamaica and now I live dating black escorts. For some reason I have never been able to get close to a black girl but I have always dated black babes. There is something really special about black babes and most of the time I can’t get enough of them. I have to admit that I have a real fascination for hot black ladies and I should really try to marry one but that doesn’t seem to be happening. As a matter of fact, I am not sure I am the marrying kind as I am real travel junkie.

I have traveled a lot of the last few years and I don’t seem to be able to stop. Wherever I go I date hot black escorts and they all form part of my travel diary. It doesn’t matter where I am – I know that I need to find a black girl to date. Fortunately, for me there seems to be a lot of black ladies about so I am never short of black company. However, I do have to say that there is something special about dating London black ladies – just something extra about the girls that I have met in London.

Ever since selling my Internet business I have had a small base in Brixton in London. Of course, Brixton London is full of hot black escorts for me to date and that suits me fine. I am actually quite strict with my escorts. To make sure that my dating habit is not noticed too much I always just do incalls around the girls boudoir. You see, I have this thing about my neighbors not knowing too much about me and this is why I always keep my head down when I am in London.

When I travel to places like New York or Las Vegas, I often date black escorts out in public. These are not my home towns so I don’t really care who knows about my escorts habit. I sold my Internet business for loads of money so I always stay in the best places. The hotels I stay in are really discreet and they don’t seem to mind so much what their top paying guests get up in their rooms. Let’s say that I have thrown some wild parties with some delicious black ladies across the world.

Do I have a fixation about dating black escorts? I suppose I do but I am not going to worry about it. I enjoy my dating experience and will carry on dating for as long as I can. There is no point in my getting a proper girlfriend. They would probably only be after my money anyway and I am not sharing with no one. Am I selfish? Yes I am very selfish but I expect to be able to meet life on my own terms. If I want to do something, I just go for it and most of the time I don’t even consider the consequences of my actions.

Life outside of London

When I first moved to the UK, I thought there was only one place to work, and that was London. It took me ages to figure out how England was laid out, and how it all came together. At first, I must admit that I had a love affair with London, and did really well at London escorts. But eventually, I started to miss greenery, rivers and a more quite life. After all, my own life in Poland and never been this hectic. But, it wasn’t until I got my car, that I started to explore England, and eventually fell in love with Canterbury.

hot and lovely girls in kent escorts

Working in London was okay, but it was costing me a fortune to both live and work there. During one of my visits to Canterbury, I decided to check out if there was such a thing as Kent escorts. Fortunately for me, I did manage to find a Kent escorts services, and as soon as I cam back to London, i sent them my CV. After a couple of days, I received an email from them and was invited for a job interview. A couple of weeks later I found myself working for a new agency based in Canterbury.

Dating for Kent escorts was a little bit different. Yes, it was still escorting, but things were a lot of less rushed in Kent. In London all of the gents were always keeping an eye on the time, and it was almost like they had rushed off somewhere before they had rushed off. I never experienced anything like that in Kent, and even the girl in the supermarket, had time to speak to me. Overall, it was a really nice feeling and people were certainly a lot friendlier. That was something that I had really missed.

To my surprise, I was actually making more money with Kent escorts as well. It was all on in the overheads actually. It was a lot cheaper to both live and work in Canterbury, and I managed to save up enough money to get a small flat on my own. All in all I really enjoyed Canterbury and I had fallen in love with the historic part of Canterbury as well. I liked to go out and about in Canterbury, and it was nice to make some friends.

After three years with Canterbury escorts, I had enough money to do something different I felt. In the end, I sat up a small party planning service and so far it is doing really well. I love the fact that I get to meet local people, and they seem to love me because I am Polish. My grandfather served in the RAF during the world, and I photos of him in my old shop. As soon as people saw that, they took me to their hearts and I now feel party of the community. Above all, I have met a nice man and he seems to love even my little toes as I like to say.

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Shoreditch escorts

Do you enjoy dating escorts in London? If you do enjoy dating escorts, you should check out Shoreditch escorts. This is probably one of the most exciting escorts services in London and comes highly recommended. But, what is it that makes Shoreditch girls so special. Checking around the Internet you will find that many gents seem to enjoy dating Shoreditch hot babes. Reading some of the reviews that you can find online, it seems that the service from Shoreditch hot babes come recommended in more ways than one. Many of the gents who have dated in Shoreditch over the last few months say that the service is exceptional. Let’s hear from some of the gents.

Shoreditch Escorts are the best
Shoreditch Escorts are the best

Alan: I date around London a lot but I have to say that one of the best places I have dated in recently has been Shoreditch. The service that you receive from the girls in Shoreditch is second to none and I have to say that I have been more than happy with all of my dates. The agency has some of the sexiest blondes and sharpest brunettes that I have been able to meet in a long time. Shoreditch escorts are fun to be with and make the most excellent sexy companions.

Mike: Hot – that is the only thing I have to say about Shoreditch escorts. Recently my local escorts service lost the plot a bit and I started to date around. I hate having to find new agencies. Not only can it be really hard work but you also feel that you have to form new relationships again. Fortunately for me I was able to find some really hot new sexy companions right here in Shoreditch. It is nice to be able to have a quality escorts service which is both fun and have the sexiest vixens that you are ever likely to meet.

Tom: Dating Shoreditch escorts is a real pleasure. So far I have enjoyed the pleasure of ten sexy ladies from Shoreditch girls. All of my dating experiences have been unique so picking a favorite escort is hard. As a matter of fact, I am not even going to bother trying to pick a favorite girls from the most exciting dates that I have ever had in my life. The dates have been perfect and the girls I have dated have all been able to meet all of my needs and requirements.

Making the most out of your local escorts services can lead to a better business community in your local area. Escorting services is still a bit of a grey area in the British economy and should be brought out more in the open. Shoreditch escorts services are all for their escorts becoming members of the business company and being recognized as adult entertainment services. Business are still struggling in today’s Britain so why shouldn’t we recognize many of the local services that are available in our communities. Escorts services such as those in Shoreditch are just as important as many other services in the community.

North London escorts

North London escorts

If you want an opinion about escorts services, you should ask a serial dater. There are quite a few serial daters in London like, and we asked a couple of them to check out North London escorts. A lot of gents around town are new to dating North London escorts, and it is always good to get a bit of review.

There are now many new escorts services within London. In the last few months new North London escorts agencies have opened as well, and so far so good. It sounds like both of the new North London escorts agencies are doing well, and have been able to recruit quite a few North London escorts.

The Better Sex Guide sent a long two of London’s biggest daters of escorts to check the agencies out.

Northern London Babes

North London Escorts
Lovely North London Escorts

Norther London Babes was the first agency that opened up. This agency caters for cheaper escort services, and most of the ladies who work for the agency only do outcalls. The agency seems to have a lot of escorts but there has been a teething problems with front desk staff.

The owner of the agency had never been involved in the escorts business before, and has not trained the front desk girls very well. When I phoned the agency, I soon noticed that the front desk staff had very few details and did at times not even seem aware of the duty rooster. I asked to date a brunette with an D cup but I was soon told that the agency did not carry intimate details like that. They did have brunettes available, the girl I spoke to could not tell me what chest size they were.

This is pretty much standard information at all agencies, and the front desk girls should have it available. I did feel a bout sorry for the girl I spoke to but I said I did need to see a D cup lady. The staff was very polite but I think this agency is in need of a madame.

North London Elites

North London Elites is an up market agency. They only have twelve girls but it seems to be a very slick service. I phoned up and asked for a hot blonde with large boobs, and the girl on the phoned politely explained the availability. She even offered to email me pics, and recommended the web site. I was very impressed by her professional touch, and went ahead with a date. The young lady I had requested met me at her door at 20 minutes notice. She was nice and fresh, and she was also dressed very nicely.

She was a genuine English Rose and invited me in for a shower and a glass of bubbly. The service she gave was second to none, and I would certainly recommend this agency and escort to all my friends. Everything ran as clock work and I even got a call asking if I had enjoyed my time with Anita. I said yes, and booked again.

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Bayswater Girls are Just Heaven

I have always dated escorts but let me tell you there is nothing like Bayswater escorts. If you haven’t as yet dated Bayswater escorts, you should certainly give yourself a chance to enjoy the opportunity.

Bayswater is a very multi-cultural part of London, and you will find escorts from all over the world working here. I have met escorts from Japan and even the Philippines in this part of the world, and they have all been stunning. And on top of that I have had some serious fun.
There is no longer a need to travel the world, gorgeous girls can be found amongst Bayswater escorts and most of the girls are waiting to meet you.

That being said, a lot of the Bayswater escorts do have very full diaries and you need to check on availability. All of the girls on the agency front desks are very good and will be able to help you when you phone in. If a girl’s dating diary is full, they will be able to find you an alternative.

The great thing is that they will be able to describe the girl in detail and also give you an idea of her services. Bayswater escorts are very flexible when it comes to service, and provide a whole range of services.


The Bayswater massage service is perhaps one of the most popular services available. What I really like about the Bayswater massage is the choice available. This is the only place in London where I have been able to have a Japanese massage and a Swedish massage all in one weekend.

The great thing is that you don’t need to move out of the area to access all of this different services. They are available all around you, and the girls can come to you if you like. If you are tired after a long hard day, you may not want to leave the comfort of your hotel room. Just give an agency a call and tell them what sort of services you require, and they will send a young lady over to deal with your stress.

Party Service

There maybe more than one of you in your party, and you fancy having a fun time together with your friends. Don’t worry because the local agencies can help here as well. They have specialized girls available for party services, and these young ladies will make sure that you and your guests have a really good time. If, you haven’t partied in London yet, you simply must try and Bayswater is one of the best places to do it in.

The best way to describe Bayswater is pleasure, pleasure and even more pleasure. It is a very special kind of pleasure, and London is certainly not the kind of town you want to be alone in. Try having some fun with a couple of sexy companions and you will be able to see for yourself how much fun it can be visiting London when you have a bit of company.