Having a good kid is always a blessing for parents – South London escort

Raising children is difficult especially when you are a single parent. And trying to build a kid to grow up as a well-mannered and productive citizen is not easily achieved. It takes a long time and requires discipline and patience all the time. I was young when I got my girlfriend pregnant. I was still in high school when I messed up my life. My girlfriend got pregnant at the age of sixteen we didn’t know what trouble we were getting ourselves. Her parents were so angry at me they wanted to report me to the police but can’t. I was so scared of what I did at that time I left my family and leave the house. I stayed at my uncle’s house for a month without contacting or messaging my parents. I can’t believe it. I was afraid of her parents I always thought that they would beat me. Especially her father because he is in the military. My mom was so worried for me she was crying every single day. And finally convinced my uncle to talk some sense into me, after that my uncle always speaks positive things every day.

He said that everything is going to be alright and okay, that I have to accept the truth and live with it, but no matter what my decision is going to me they will always love me no matter what. After a lot of advice, I finally gave in and came home to my mom and dad they were so relieved I got back. And was so happy. But I had to face my girlfriend and her parents still. A few days later and the day came when I had to talk to her parents, we talk for a while, and finally come to peace. Raising a child at that age was difficult for me. I had no financial capabilities, so I just relied on my parents for money. I didn’t know how to balance my studies and having to raise a child. But I was so inspired because of my child; I promise myself that I would work and study hard for him. Me and my girlfriend eventually broke up but agreed to raise our child together.

When I graduated college, I was lucky to be able to work for a great company and was excited for the next chapter of my life. But I needed help with my child because I am starting to realize that I was not a good father. I was always busy and has no time for him anymore. I still needed a partner in my life. So when I booked a South London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/south-london-escorts and fell in love with her, my life got much more relaxed with her around. In just a year I married my South London escort girlfriend.

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