He is just naughty all of the time!

My boyfriend is a serial cheater, and I should really be kicking him out. Recently he has become a bit of an embarrassment to me, and even my best friends at London escorts, tell me I should be dumping him. But despite the advice from my friends at London escorts, I keep taking this guy back. I know that I am being a fool to myself but I cannot help it, I am just really in love with this guy.

Why does he cheat? I am not sure why he cheats really as he keeps coming up with a new excuse every time. When I stop and think about it, he really does not have an excuse at all. I know lots of guys who would like to go out with a girl from a London escorts service, and he really should be counting his lucky stars. It is not like I am an ugly girl or anything like that. If I was not anything special to look at, I would not be working for London escorts.

Do I get angry? I do get angry with him, and at the same time, I get angry with myself. Like my charlotte escorts friends say, I should really drop this guy, but how do you do that when you are madly in love with someone. I don’t really have the personal strength to drop this guy, and on top of that, I enjoy his company. Not all London escorts are lucky enough to have boyfriends and I sort of count myself lucky. Perhaps I should not be doing that.

When I am at London escorts, I often stop and think about what my boyfriend gets up to. I know that working nights for London escorts, often puts a spanner in the works for us, and I guess that he feels lonely at night. We don’t live together, so I think that he ends up sitting in the apartment he shares with his mates, and misses some female company. After all, there is only so much fun you can have with your mates, and I am pretty sure that he would rather be doing something else than drink beer, or go to the pub every night.

Do we have a future? I am not sure that we have a long term future. The girls here at London escorts actually think I am a little bit mad for going out with him. Yes, I know and I even pay for everything when we go out as he does not earn a lot. One of my friends has told me that I should drop him to get some self respect back. It is easy to say but harder to do. I guess if I met someone else who was as great in bed as my boyfriend, I would trade him in for another model. But until then, he will have to do as boyfriend, or should we say, booty call. Nothing in life is perfect, and I can certainly not say that I am perfect.